How Healthy Are Diet Drinks

It is known that in our fast paced society people look for many different ways to increase their productivity. Unfortunately, during their search for diets, products, or exercise routines people sometimes leave their health on the backburner. Americans have been known to love their coffee, but the latest product in the craze for energy consumption are energy drinks. It seems that with every passing day new energy drinks, energy bars, and energy pills are available on the market.

Originally, most people were unaware of the incredibly large amounts of sugar present in the majority of these products. However, lately, consumers have caught wind of this fact and sales in the energy drink market have declined in the result. Acknowledging the downturn, individual companies have released compact, sugar-free versions of these drinks. However, upon closer inspection, there is a massive underlying problem with these new beverages. The problem is aspartame and phenylalanine, cancer causing agents. Bypassing all the failed attempts at providing people with accurate, clean, healthy energy, we finally arrive in the present where there are a few very good healthy energy drink options on the horizon.

Healthy energy drinks are different than typical energy drinks such as Red Bull or Monster. The beauty of these glasses is that they create a prolonged, natural energy without causing any damage to that ever so important organ, your heart. Studies have been done to show that avid Red Bull drinkers have a very similar cardiovascular profile to that of someone with heart disease. It’s no wonder why Red Bull and other similar energy drinks are banned in certain countries.

Quercetin is now being used in some cases as the healthy energy drink industry’s secret weapon. If these drinks were a person Quercetin would be the bloodstream. It is an essential antioxidant most commonly taken from grapes, apples and other familiar berries. Typical energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster contain little to no antioxidant power! Quercetin mimics the effects of exercise, and it does so by telling your body to make more mitochondria (the energy-producing components of cells). You won’t have to worry about not being prepared for any physically or mentally straining activities throughout your day. Quercetin will help you keep your energy levels right where they need to be. These healthy energy drink will give you the stamina and mental clarity you need to get through your day.

Truly healthy energy drinks are beneficial to people of all ages. Sure people will use healthy energy drinks for a boost in their athletic performance while others will use them to enhance their productivity at work, school, or even housework. New healthy energy drinks like FRS usually take around 30 minutes to circulate fully through your body. To feel the full effect people should consume the beverage over an extended period. In doing so, some added benefits are brought on by way of extra vitamins and nutrients that they contain.

To take full advantage of healthy energy drinks like FRS, you should use as directed which is usually about 2-3 times daily. While one obviously cannot survive on these drinks alone, they will play a critical part in establishing a much healthier lifestyle. If someone was to consume 2 Red Bulls on a daily basis over an extended period they might be putting themselves in danger. As it stands, FRS Healthy Energy drink seems to be the market leader. Take advantage of this breath of fresh air in a market littered with unhealthy and even unsafe products, get some healthy energy.

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