How Alcohol Affects Your Health & Fitness

For some people taking time off to unwind after a busy working schedule is a good opportunity to turn to wine, beer or mixed drinks. But before you decide to order for a cold drink, just remember excessive alcohol drinking can have a negative effect on your health and fitness. By understanding the relationship between alcohol and your fitness, you can start to take good care of your hard-earned physique while at the same time enjoying many benefits of low alcohol consumption.

Recent studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption can have some benefits on your coronary system. But what is moderate alcohol consumption?. For healthy persons, its recommended that women should take one drink per day while for men not more than two drinks per day. It’s good to know that one of the body organ that is seriously affected by alcohol is liver. This is because liver is the only organ that has cells that produce the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase which oxidizes alcohol in the body.

Here are some of ways alcohol affects your health and fitness

Packed-On Fat
Alcohol can easily contribute to your weight gain. When you booze, your body will prioritize metabolizing alcohol instead of burning fat and carbs. Alcohol is also responsible in breaking down amino acids in your body and stores them as fat. Health experts have warned that drinking more than 2 alcoholic drinks per day can lead to increased belly fat. This condition is also referred as beer belly and one way to avoid it, is by limiting yourself to either 2 or fewer alcoholic drinks per day.

Disrupted Sleep
Drinking alcohol can affect your muscle recovery as well as your performance by just sapping your sleep. A study done to 93 men and women showed that alcohol reduced their sleeping duration and instead increased the wakefulness especially in women, whose sleeping time was reduced by more the 30 minutes. It’s important to know that disrupting your sleeping cycle can affect human growth hormone responsible for building muscles.

Slower Recovery
After working out hard, you are likely to drain your glycogen stores which is actually stored in your liver and muscles. This leaves your muscle tissue in need of repair. That meaning pouring alcohol into your system after your workout session will affect your recovery process. In addition, binge drinking is believed to cause a drop in the testosterone levels and at the same time increase cortisol which is a hormone that is responsible for destroying muscles. To avoid muscle loss, avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages before or after gym session. Choose hydrating drinks such as sports drinks or water instead of alcoholic drinks.

Depleted Water and Nutrients
It is believed that alcohol is responsible for irritating stomach lining. This affects the ability to absorb the nutrients and not to mention that it also makes you pee more frequently. This leads to dehydration which hurts the endurance performance. You cannot rehydrate your body by drinking alcohol. It’s advisable to drink water or other non alcoholic beverages when you are boozing.

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