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Team 2

David Lipscomb

Chief Editor

Chief Editor of Anova Health Group, David, is passionate about health and fitness, and will share excellent articles that even the most savvy health freak will benefit from! Follow along to find a few fun hacks to help you live a full and healthy life. Read along and you'll see that David has a positive attitude and outlook really shines through in his writing.



Team 3

Sarah Jordan


Health Coach turned health & fitness blogger, Sarah, is an inspiration to all female sports enthusiasts everywhere. She is very open and honest in her articles, and also likes to talk about her life, her career, and how she over comes obstacles, in order to inspire others. If you are just getting into the world of health & fitness, as you approach your middle age years, then you will love Sarah.



Team 1

Janice Smith


Let Janice, of Finish What You Start, motivate you to find your inner runner as she takes you on her journey to live her healthiest life. Janice loves to offer  fitness tips,  and is an advocate of clean eating habits. Janice's consistent encouragement as you work toward your personal goals! Read her articles, and feel free to ask questions and comment.